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More bad Information on LHCF

I was wondering if since I am experiencing a lot of shedding along with some breakage is it better to leave my hair in a ponytail until I wash it or if it’s better to continue combing out the shedding and breaking hairs and moisturize everyday? Novic
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Question about hair dyeing/toning?

Q. So I’m planning on dyeing my hair silvery/platinum blond and then adding some pink. my current plan is to bleach it, tone it, and dye the pink as the last step. My questions are as follows:1: will the pink dye take over the toner, or would I need
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Hair coloring help, please?

Question: Does clairol born blonde ultra blue work on already blonde hair . Does it turn your hair bleach blonde ? How long should i keep this on ? it is a type of bleach by the way (box bleach) thanks !Answer Box color is always chancy. Too a
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