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Are Silicones Bad for Your Hair?

Frizzy Hair Care – Product ingredients: What they can and can not do

It is stated by many consumers that “natural” (organic) ingredients are better for your frizzy hair rather than silicone compounds that may coat your hair causing build up. This statement is false. Please read the rest of this information and you will find out why.

Are silicones bad for your hair?

Any oily substances like olive oil, coconut oils, plant oils or butters eventually create build up on your hair. On naturally frizzy or curly hair these ingredients give off a greasy, synthetic looking shine. If you go days without shampooing your hair, the ingredients may become rancid. Your hair can easily become brittle, dry and revert back to frizz. These ingredients may also become a breeding ground for bacteria.

Until now all silicone products have contained additives that dilute the product for easy application and cost effectiveness allowing only temporary control for frizz. They have never been 100% successful in controlling humidity and other climate changes that ruin your hair style.

Why is Lok & Blok different than other anti-frizz serums?

Other silicone products that only contain silicones break down easily because the silicones are typically not strong enough or balanced properly. Lok & Blok has the perfect balance of silicones and only contains four light weight cosmetic silicones the highest quality cosmetic silicones ever made with no additives. When applied as directed to your hair, they are extremely affective in locking and blocking moisture. Your hair then has the perfect balance for strength (elasticity) and health to grow your hair longer and thicker. Lok & Blok does not build up on your hair and completely controls your frizz in any climate. Lok & Blok can not go rancid nor become a breeding ground for bacteria. Lok & Blok is pure and can not dry out your hair or leaves it brittle or without sheen. It’s all about moisture control, so read on.