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Great Conditioner And Anti-Frizz Serum/Creme?


So I have dry hair and I want a conditioner that is super hydrating and frizz creme that has longevity. I don’t want to have to worry about my hair looking dry and frizzy during school so could you guys recommend some brands and/or products? Thank you


Go cheap; you get what you pay for. Go water solubility products, which are the entire frizz products available except for one. Use these products and your hair will blow up as soon as you walk outside. You don’t want your hair looking good after styling but all day everyday.

Sabino Lok & Blok is not cheap but it works. It’s the ONLY waterproof product for hair that lasts from shampoo to shampoo in any climate. Go to and learn more or contact me direct at Make those guys take a double take because you got it going on, not because your hair looks like a frizz attack.