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Hair color gone bad! Help!


2 days ago I went and got my hair professionally done. I have naturally dirty blonde hair and I asked for all over blonde (really blonde) highlights and then some low lights to add a bit of contrast. I said I wanted my hair blonder than it was not darker. To make a long story short that’s not what I got. The low lights are too dark and some of the highlights are too yellow. The combination of the two looks Terrible. I hate it. I wasted too much money that’s for sure. I need help on how to fix this mess. I want to significantly lighten the low lights and tone the whole stripes down that I have going on right now. I want my hair overall blonder. Would using a box color from the drug store be okay? I was thinking like a light ash blonde color. Or is that just a terrible idea? I don’t want it to turn the really dark strands orange or yellow. Just a dark ash blonde. Would using a box color totally blend out the highlights tho, I want to keep them just blend them a bit.
I’m not concerned with how bad it is for my hair. I know I should wait a while but I’m in a panic and I have pictures and school in a week. I’d prefer not to go back to the salon I just want a quick fix. Someone please help me.


I’ve seen this time and time again over years of doing hair. Firstly, if you’re African American, the odds of having the color you want is tough unless you have had your hair relaxed either permanently or a Brazilian. If you are not AA then no problem. Using a box color could really screw things up and trying to correct 2 color botches is tougher and more expensive then one,

Go back to your stylist and if you don’t have confidence in he/she then demand your money back in full including tip. If you trust he/she (which I doubt is the case) bring a picture of exactly what you are looking to achieve, which you should always do. If she/he feels they are limited in experience, see if there is another stylist in that salon where you admire their work then give them a try or start hunting for a good referral. The best way to do that is by stopping women that have your hair texture and the color you want and ask for the stylist’s name. Never go to a stylist cold turkey without 2 separate appointments, one for an extensive no charge consultation and the other for the actual appointment. If a stylist is hard to get in with, the odds they are someone that knows what they are doing.