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Hair coloring help, please?


Does clairol born blonde ultra blue work on already blonde hair . Does it turn your hair bleach blonde ? How long should i keep this on ? it is a type of bleach by the way (box bleach) thanks !


Box color is always chancy. Too ash oops, too gold …oops again. Normally they are not high lift tints unless you have light colored hair to begin with or if you are just touching up the roots,

Please, saving money is great for this type of economy but save your pennies then have it done professionally by a great referral. Always bring in a picture. And remember, one screw up may be changed but as the screw ups build on top of one another, you risk high damage and never reaching your goal until it has been babied by a professional until, it grows out.

I can help walk you through the process once you find a great stylist, make sure their always booked up … better odds. My personal email address is

It’s a simple process now, only cancel out the dark pieces and gold and do not add anymore dark. Then arrange another appointment in about 4 weeks to finish the job to your liking.