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Help with lightening hair?


I have medium-brown hair, which I recently dyed red. I was hoping for the color to be lighter, but instead got auburn hair. I’d like to make it lighter, closer to strawberry-blond.
I’m looking for suggestions on the best way to do this, without hair dye.
I know that lemon juice and hydrogen peroxide can work to lighten hair, and I have some of each of these things. 

Please tell me:

-Which method works best/fastest & most effective
-How long it takes to lighten
-How often I should use whichever method (one a week, every day, etc.)
-How I should go about the process of lightening
-Details on using it, if needed.
Thank you so much in advance, I really appreciate any input!


If you had virgin hair prior to applying the red you may have a chance to lift the color lighter without damage. To apply a lighter color over the deposited color will not work because color does not lift color. Lemon juice and peroxide will not work the peroxide will turn your hair orange due to the existing color application. The only way to lift it lighter is to do a soap cap. You should not do this on your own because soap caps mixed with bleach can leave the hair bright orange or yellow at the roots while the ends will take longer to lift depending on how dark the color that you applied.

Please, do not screw up your hair by trying it at home. Sometimes if cost is an issue, your better off allowing the color to fade as light as possible by being patient. Then you can apply a lighter color but there is no guarantee if you don’t know what you’re doing, which is obvious from the color that you applied and didn’t like. Break the piggy bank and find a great colorist, someone that has a great reputation and you have seen their work.