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More bad Information on LHCF

I was wondering if since I am experiencing a lot of shedding along with some breakage is it better to leave my hair in a ponytail until I wash it or if it’s better to continue combing out the shedding and breaking hairs and moisturize everyday? Novice info: I would say low manipulation is the way to go since you already have damaged hair. A few days w/o coming your hair should not result in an abundance of shed, tangled hair.

Real Deal: Many women go days if not weeks between shampoos. We all lose about 100 to 200 hairs per day. When someone goes 3 days until they shampoo, they will still have to shed 300 to 600 hairs at that time. The reason for the breakage is that the hair that should shed is remaining in the ponytail and when she goes to comb or brush her hair, the lack of un-shed hair binds with the hair that is supposed to remain thus tangles thus breakage.

Also with 1 1/2 inches of new growth how can I keep it from breaking off at the two different textures?

Novice info: You will need to get your hair’s moisture/protein balance in check. When I started on my HHJ, I did weekly protein treatments followed by weekly DC. I only CWed at that time. My hair was parched. I knew nothing about sealing but I knew how to do a strand test. Learn how to assess your strands and tell the diff between shed hairs vs broken hairs. All of the above will determine what steps you need to take next.

Real Deal: It’s not a matter of strengthening her hair it’s a matter of shampooing regularly. Hair does not become parched. Hair is dead and proteins cannot bind to hair molecules. They only create a coating that breaks down after exposed to climates. The only way to lock in conditioners is to create a seal on the hair that won’t breakdown in climate changes. The only product that can do this is Sabino Moisture Block or Lok & Blok. All other products are water based so they cannot control moisture or foreign proteins.

If I moisturize then seal doesn’t the oil seal out moisture that I apply the next day?

Novice info: Sort of, I mean it will if you do heavy sealing but, if you moisturize properly, you can go several days w/o adding additional moisture after sealing. It sounds like you are manipulating your already damaged hair a little too much right now. Try a simple reggie like CWing, apply a lv-in, seal, then PS maybe twice a week tops for now. Sealing on wet or partially damp hair helps too.

Read Deal: Oils do not seal because they breakdown quickly through climate exposure. They should always seal over damp or wet hair to retain moisture content but with the products the novice has suggested, her moisture content will diminish quickly. It’s useless to over load the hair with water based products trying to lock in moisture. It only creates build up, loses sheen, and can become rancid on the hair, which opens the door for bacterial issues.