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Q: How to deep condition my hair?


There is no such thing as deep conditioning. There is a 50% increase over the years of cluttered shelf space in stores for hair care products. Every thought of product development is designed not by the chemists or major hair care manufacturers but instead the continued flooding of new products is governed by the marketing departments of those companies. First they think of a product title that hasn’t been created yet, a gimmick or titles that will raise eyebrows … then they develop the product based on that idea. The people in marketing only know one thing, marketing not what hair and hair products can and can’t do. This deluge of hype that has been carried on over many years and is all geared to attract your senses of images of beautiful hair and beautiful models that grab your emotions to buy, buy, buy. Make it cheap and attractive.

The way that you can tell if a conditioner really goes deep is to shampoo, condition and 30 minutes later, rinse and lightly shampoo again. Don’t apply more conditioner, just let your hair dry naturally and it will prove that conditioners only rest on the cuticle regardless of heat penetration or not. Once you step outside your house, conditioners either dissipate or dilute after 2 to 3 hours after application.

Now, to get your conditioner to lay on the hair longer throughout the day without drying up or diluting, add a pump of the ONLY waterproof hair product by Sabino named Lok & Blok in your hands with your conditioner while in the shower. Start at the ends, ALWAYS, and work up to the roots. Quick rinse and out of the shower, towel blot your hair and add another half pump of Sabino Lok & Blok to your palms, rub and apply by starting at the ends and working up to the roots and brush. Your hair will be shiny, soft, moisturized with good old shower water that’s locked in from shampoo to shampoo. Style as desired