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Sabino Hair Solutions ran a challenge with over 300 women

Sabino Hair Solutions ran a challenge with over 300 women with frizzy hair located in high humid states nationally. The products used for the challenge were Living Proof, Frizz Ease (extra strength), Paul Mitchell Skinny Serum, and Sabino Lok & Blok. Sabino Lok & Blok out performed the competitors.

The least popular out of all four products was Living proof. I added some light binding to natural curls but did not completely protect the hair from frizz when in humid conditions. Frizz Ease and Paul Mitchell Skinny Serum were tied for second place. The information that we received was that the hair felt good after styling but within 2 hours after climate exposure, both products failed to uphold the hype.

Lok & Blok is the lighter weight of Sabino Hair Solutions products Extra Strength Moisture Block and Sabino Lok & Blok. Lok & Blok was the only product between the two that competed with Frizz Ease, Paul Mitchell Skinny Serum, and Living proof’s formula for coarse hair. Sabino Lok & Blok not only suppressed frizz that day but also held up until the next shampoo.

If you have ever noticed with all other anti-frizz serums, they never state that their products will resist frizz all day or for that matter until the next shampoo as consistently claimed by Sabino Hair Solutions. Victor Sabino has built his business on longevity through educating his salon clients and consumers that purchase Sabino Lok & Blok and Sabino Extra Strength Moisture Block. For example, when he cuts or colors hair, he thinks in terms of what his client’s hair will last weeks after their appointment not how great their hair looks that day. The same is applied to the longevity of controlling consumer frizz days after application.