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Truth or Myth about frizzy hair

Truth: Split Ends Will Travel

Uncut split ends can travel up the hair shaft towards the roots. Tresses that are not tended to, over time, may develop splits that migrate and split all or part of the entire hair. Some ends can actually tear multiple times so that your split ends have splits.

Myth: Washing Hair Every Day Dries It Out

FALSE! The right shampoo for your hair type and texture will actually add moisture, body and beauty to your hair. The key is to finding the correct shampoo designed for your hair.

Truth: Wearing Tight Braids, Ponytails or Buns Causes Baldness

True! Traction alopecia is a very real hair loss condition that may result from wearing tight ponytails, cornrows or buns over an extended period of time. Over time, hair breakage or loss as the result of tight, stressed styles can become permanent. Avoid this potential problem by opting for looser styles that minimise scalp tension.

Myth: Salon Products Are Identical To Drugstore Products

False! While there is an exception to every rule, salon products are generally manufactured to contain higher quality, more expensive ingredients that are designed to consistently provide more intensive cleansing, moisturizing and conditioning results. The quality ingredients found in salon products are not usually found in drugstore brands.

Myth: Brushing Thinning Hair Makes It Fall Out Faster

False! As long as you use a good brush on your hair, normal daily brushing will not accelerate the normal loss of hair from the scalp. If your hair is suffering from a hair loss condition like alopecia brushing will only cause you to lose hair that is already ready to fall. Excessive brushing is always discouraged under any circumstances. See your doctor!

Myth: Hair Care Products Advertised As Natural Are Chemical Free

False! Not all hair care products sold in health food establishments are completely natural and may contain chemicals like SLS. When in doubt read the label.